Just So Wrong: Part I

Cheese RoastThe Super Bowl this year will be particularly horrid for Packers fans. The Cheese seeks to help Packernation express their angst. This series will feature pointed commentary on the upcoming game.

Starting with the New England Patriots, a team that Green Bay soundly beat in week 13. The score was closer than the game. The Patriots followed through consistently after that though…well, consistently in the sense that they more scandal allegations… Continue reading

Packers Dealt Loss in Jon While Triumphant Patriots suffer from Deflated Balls


deflated ballIn a crazy turn of events, the Green Bay Packers who clearly outplayed the Seattle Seahawks have been dealt a loss in the Jon (Jon Ryan) while the Patriots devastate the Colts, all the while suffering from deflated balls.

“It started as just a loose feeling in, well, my groinal area,” said Tom Brady after the game. “But by the third quarter, my athletic cup was a maraca. What is my wife gonna say?” Continue reading