NFLPA Approves Seeing Eye Dog For Eddie Lacy


The NFLPA (National Football League Pet Association) has voted to allow Packers running backeddie 2 Eddie Lacy to use a seeing eye dog in Sunday’s game against the Bucs. Lacy has been suffering from an eye infection that has kept him out of practice for two days. The infection is not a threat to Lacy’s health but makes wearing his contact lenses too painful to endure. Lacy has gone on record saying he was “pretty blind” without them.

“I’m really glad, I didn’t want to sport the Eric Dickerson goggles and my new contacts from Lens Discount won’t be here until Monday. This should get me through til then.”

While this will be the first time a player has used a seeing eye dog in an NFL game, it is not the first time it has been suggested. There was much discussion of whether Seattle Running back Marshawn Lynch should get a seeing eye dog shortly after this photo of him surfaced: Continue reading

Olivia Munn to NFL Defensemen…

Olivia Munn let slip about she and Aaron Rodgers’ love life. Hey, nothing graphic but she did make it known that Rodgers was too focused on gameday to allow any amorous behavior…This is good news for Packers fans who need to know their qb is “on it”…er…”has his head in the game” ummm….they need to know that he is concentrating on winning.

Olivia Munn

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How to Tackle Eddie Lacy…by Eddie Lacy

Preliminaries (before the game):tacklelacy3

  • Make sure your Will is updated and your life insurance is in order. You want your kids to be taken care of, don’t you?
  • Purchase a large bottle of “Whoop A@@” ┬árepellant. You will need this because you are going to have a HUGE can opened up on you.
  • Before the game, be sure to get plenty of fluids and electrolytes. You will need them when you wet yourself.
  • Calibrate the GPS tracking unit in your helmet. You may very well need this for recovery purposes.

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