Competition Committee Contemplates Changing Ban from “Excessive Celebrations” to Just “Celebrations”

New York

The NFL competition committee is contemplating ending celebrations in the NFL. This jaredafter seeing NFL celebrations of the last couple years.

“We have been reviewing the tapes and are considering revising the rule to not just ban “excessive” celebrations, but celebrations altogether, said Mel Cribley, head of the NFLCC. “Fans can consider themselves fortunate that they only have to endure one at a time.”

The following is a cut of the tape that is under review.

WARNING! What you are about to see is disturbing and the only thing worse than the celebrations is the music. Hide the women and cover the children’s eyes!

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Cheese EXPOSE! Tom Wigglesworth Throws TD Pass in Miami

Tom Wigglesworth has become famous for his resemblance to Aaron Rodgers…and he looks a LOT like Aaron Rodgers. Tom looks enough like Aaron Rodgers that he got to meet Aaron Rodgers! But there is more to this story…oh, so much more.

tomrandallHere’s Tom hangin’ out with Randall Cobb…SWEET!

tomaaronHere’s Tom with Aaron….Wow! That’s a dream come true! But that is not the end of the story:

tomtdHere’s Tom celebrating a victory after throwing a last-second touchdown pass to Andrew Quarless in Miami! Wow Tom! Congratulations and many happy returns!

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Cheesenewswire Celebrity Roast of Joseph Randle

Cheese Roast


Connor Orr of Around the NFL reported today that Joseph Randle has been arrested for joseph randleshoplifting $120.00 in underwear and cologne…need I say more? Yes, oh yes I do.

Randle had just signed a 4 year, 2.349 million dollar deal…apparently that doesn’t cover toiletries. So what is it Joseph, did a sponsorship deal for Drakkar Noir fall through? Hey man, if you can’t afford it, I have a 3-pack of Hanes tighty-whities and a bottle of Old Spice that my grandma gave me last Christmas…unopened!¬† Continue reading