Handful of Reasons the Broncos Win the Super Bowl

Broncos Super Bowl# 5- Russell Wilson is mistaken for halftime entertainer Bruno Mars and whisked away to dress rehearsal where he is last seen sporting a flat top and wearing a sequined onesie with a collar and four inch heeled boots

# 4- Days before the Super Bowl Russell Wilson decides he’d really rather play baseball after all.

# 3- In pregame warm ups Peyton Manning reveals himself as Thrownos, god of quarterbacks and breaks the career quarterback yardage record in one game.

# 2- The entire Seahawks team is suspended for use of performance enhancing drugs.

# 1- On the first play from scrimmage, Peyton Manning throws a bullet into the back of Richard Sherman’s head rendering him unconscious and later ruled out with a concussion. Sherman awakes rubbing his head and repeating “That’s what happens when you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree and spends the rest of the game draped over Erin Andrews weeping.

Handful of Reasons the Broncos Win the Super Bowl
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