Handful of Reasons the Seahawks Win the Super Bowl

Russel Wilson Super Bowl

#5- John Elway channels his inner quarterback down to Peyton Manning during Super Bowl 48. Unfortunately for Peyton…it is his Super Bowl 21 inner quarterback…broncos lose 24-21

#4- The Seahawks install a number of plays to help Russell Wilson’s efficiency, including the jump pass, defender-helmet-rebound pass, and several passes between the legs of defenders.

#3- Hawks replace “vanilla” defense with “Cherry Garcia” defense…confusing Peyton Manning and delighting both Seahawk and Ben ‘n Jerry fans.

#2- Officials in Omaha, NE file a cease and desist order on Payton Manning and his use of Omaha, and the entire Broncos offense gets confused every time he mispronounces replacement phrase Des Moines.

#1- Peyton Manning is distracted by his own Papa Johns commercials. During the game he tosses three picks, nine incompletes, and one medium pan-style sausage and green pepper with extra cheese.

Handful of Reasons the Seahawks Win the Super Bowl
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