Aaron Rodgers Throwing Bricks to Help Receivers in OTA’s

aIt has been widely reported that the Packers receivers have been catching bricks to help with their hand strength. Now, Aaron Rodgers is throwing them. The activity drew a lot of attention at today’s open OTA’s, especially considering the number of Packers receivers that ended up in the emergency room. But with months to go before the preseason begins, the Packers have plenty of time to sow up the participants.

“I was on the sideline and the receivers were doing that weird thing where the drop bricks and catch them,” said Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers, “And I figured it would be more helpful if they were actually thrown to them so I just grabbed one from Janis and said, “Go long. He hauled it in for forty yards and I guess a drill was born.”

Successive attempts were less fruitful, and it is quite possible that the drill will be left off next year’s OTA schedule. The “Oooooh’s”, and “Aaaahh’s” quickly turned to “OMG’s” when Trevor Davis took a spiral to the back of the head, smashing in his helmet and knocking him unconscious. Then Rodgers hit the better than ever Eddie Lacy on a bubble screen and his chances at a new contract plummeted. The brick whistled through his fingers even though he had wrapped them securely around the brick…a situation that resulted in several of Eddie’s fingers, along with the brick ending up embedded in Lacy’s visor. In the stands, someone threw up and babies began to cry which at least served to mask the sound of Eddie Lacy crying.

It’s not an overstatement to say that the end result of the drill was more like an episode of The Walking Dead bricksthan a Packers training camp drill. The just-back-and-finally-healthy Jordy Nelson, who didn’t participate, was seen dragging Jared Abbrederis off the field. Randall Cobb tried to crawl to the sidelines but fainted from loss of blood, Davante Adams was able to remove himself by seal-crawling on his only good shoulder after a slant pass took his other one out of joint, and we don’t have to tell you why Jared Cook is getting foot surgery.

Spectators did not escape unscathed either. A chain reaction vomit-fest took out the south end of the bleachers while everyone else ran. Several bystanders were injured in the hubbub, and there were several cases of children being separated from their far-faster parents.

Richard Rodgers was the only member of the receiving corps that was uninjured as Luke Getsy called the drill off after Justin Perillo took a line-drive to the sternum. Rodgers quickly found himself in charge of triage as picnic tables and vendor carts were used for beds.

One has to credit the Green Bay First Responders, however, who arrived immediately and have begun to work on the most significant injuries. However, it was not a perfect operation as one of the First Responders was caught trying to make off with a brick with Randall Cobb’s tooth on it.

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Aaron Rodgers Throwing Bricks to Help Receivers in OTA’s
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