Sunco Foods Introduces Aaron Rodgers Ham String

holiday-hamSunco Foods today announced an exciting new product for their Holiday line. The Aaron Rodgers Hamstring should be available at your local Piggly Wiggly just in time for your family gathering. The Holiday themed hamstring includes four hams of various cures and flavors of your choice. Sunco CEO Mary Gerdenscotch made the announcement earlier this week:

“We at Sunco are pleased to offer the Aaron Rodgers hamstring to enhance our customers’ holiday experience. Make your Holiday season sparkle with four of our signature hams in your choice of country, maple smoked, brown sugar cured, NEW jalapeno cured, sea salt, pink salt, scotch cured, pulled hammy, bruised hammy, and separated hammy. Each ham is massaged with its respective curing ingredients and cured to perfection”

The hams, in whatever configuration the customer chooses, are Aaron Rodgers signature hams, with Aaron’s autograph branded into each ham. Each ham in the Holiday hamstring is individually wrapped in Christmas colored athletic tape.

Rodgers said of the product, “I am extremely pleased that Sunco and myself could get together to offer the Holiday hammy to the aaron-hammygreat people of Wisconsin and beyond. I was privileged to visit the plant where the hams are being made and even participate in making a hamstring of my own to take home. They let me massage my own hamstring! And I’ll tell ya…I can’t wait to tear into it, and I promise it will be shredded after the game Sunday.”

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Sunco Foods Introduces Aaron Rodgers Ham String
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