BREAKING! Packers Sign Jared Cook, Boast Most Dangerous 3 TE Set in NFL

Ted Thompson completed a trifecta in free agency today. In the eleventh hour, with Jared Cook in Minnesota and ready to sign, Russ Ball made the phone call that almost certainly makes Green Bay the favorite to win Super Bowl 52. In a move that has PackerNation breathing a sigh of relief that the Packers’ offensive woes are finally over, Ball and Thompson agreed to terms with Cook that will keep him in the Green and Gold, giving the Packers what could very well be the most devastating three tight end set in the league.

“No other teams matchup,” said Mike McCarthy in an impromptu interview this morning, “And I think the strength of this year’s draft makes it possible that our four tight end set could be pretty good too. Kudos to Ball and Thompson, they really have their finger on the pulse.”

In truth, the move was made possible by the free-agent signing of Davon House, which answered the question of cornerback depth and allowed Thompson to swing for the fences with Jared Cook, who many see as the last piece of the puzzle to get the Packers over the hump. With the defense fully squared away and plenty of money still available, Thompson made his “Reggie White” signing.

“I know what people say about me…that I don’t do anything in free agency,” said Thompson in a late morning press conference to make the announcement, “And I hope that this can kindof end all that. Three tight ends…count em…three. They used to call me “Tightwad Ted”, now they can call me “Tight end Ted”.”

When asked if, with the suspension of LeTroy Guion in play, the Packers might still go after Poe or Hankins in free-agency, Thompson replied, “There’s a saying we have around here…’You can never have too many tight ends'”

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BREAKING! Packers Sign Jared Cook, Boast Most Dangerous 3 TE Set in NFL
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