Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Jersey Found on the Lam in Mexico

Tom Brady's Jersey Leaves Tom Brady HangingShortly after the Super Bowl ended Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jersey disappeared. Officials have been desperately searching for the prized number 12 jersey. Initially it was thought that the jersey might have spontaneously combusted at the thought of dealing with Brady’s ego after the Super Bowl win. However, it was soon suspected that the jersey had skipped the country.

Authorities narrowed the possibilities down to several countries in which the jersey would prefer to be rather than with Tom Brady. Their investigation took them to Somalia, Antarctica, and finally Mexico.

The jersey was located on a beach in Cancun.

Local resident Juan Valdez witnessed the apprehension of the jersey. “I saw the whole thing,” stated Valdez. “Three men in suits and sunglasses came down the beach and shouted, ‘There it is!’ The jersey turned to his companions and yelled, ‘Run!'”

Three got away. One of Bill Clinton’s leisure suits from the 70s, Miley Cyrus’ only classy outfit, and Donald Trump’s good hair piece. But the jersey was taken into custody and extradited to the United States.

Brady was extremely pleased to see the jersey returned. So pleased, in fact, that he tried to give the jersey a high five. But, alas… he was left hanging. 

Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Jersey Found on the Lam in Mexico