Packer Fan Launches New Kick-Ass Starter Campaign

Kick Ass Starter LogoLenard Brofenweis of Wauwatosa, WI has launched his first kick-ass starter campaign in response to the injury to Aaron Rodgers which was inflicted by Anthony Barr in the 2017 season. Brofenweis states that the the campaign will ensure that history does not repeat itself in 2018.

The Kick-Ass Starter website was established in 2017 by a mob hitman from Chicago. He wishes to remain nameless and I wish to remain alive. However, he did grant The Cheese an interview.

The site was started as after perusing some texts on lean manufacturing. If contract killing could be streamlined then contracts could be completed in far less time allowing employees to spend more time with The Family. Thus, was born.

The principle is simple but brilliant. It allows people who have a grievance but don’t have $120,000 in cash lying around to take advantage of the same services that were once available only to organized crime.

Brofenweis’ kick-ass starter campaign will run through training camp. If successful, Anthony Barr will be sleeping with the fishes and Packer fans everywhere will sleep better during the 2018 season.

Packer Fan Launches New Kick-Ass Starter Campaign